• 1The Satanic Verses , Salman Rushdie (1998)
    No book in modern times has matched the uproar sparked by Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses", which earned its author a death sentence. Furor aside, it is a marvelously erudite study of good and… 887 руб

  • 2The Clicking of Cuthbert , P.G. Wodehouse (2008)
    The Oldest Member knows everything that has ever happened on the golf course– and a great deal more besides. Take the story of Cuthbert, for instance. He’s helplessly in love with Adeline, but… 570 руб

  • 3Paddington Goes to Town , Bond Michael (2014)
    The irresistible Paddington Bear, who was found on Paddington station, returns in this reissued novel, with an updated cover design. Paddington doesn't intentionally turn his friend's wedding into an… 444 руб

  • 4Summer Lightning , P.G. Wodehouse (2008)
    This is a Blandings novel. "The Empress of Blandings", prize-winning pig and all-consuming passion of Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has disappeared. Blandings Castle is in uproar and there are… 570 руб

  • 5The Moneychangers , Upton Sinclair (1908)
    Then he went on to the plate-mill, where giant hammers resounded, and steel plates of several inches'thickness were chopped and sliced like pieces of cheese. Here the spectator stared about him in… 1773 руб

  • 6Diaboliad , Mikhail Bulgakov (2010)
    The five, irreverent, satirical and imaginative stories contained in Diaboliad caused an uproar upon the book's first publication in 1925. Full of invention, they display Bulgakov's breathtaking… 847 руб

  • 7A Spot of Bother , Haddon Mark (2007)
    George Hall is an unobtrusive man. A little distant, perhaps, a little cautious, not quite at ease with the emotional demands of fatherhood or of manly bonhomie. The secret of contentment, George… 504 руб

  • 8The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules , Ingelman-Sundberg Catharina (2014)
    The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules is an incredibly quirky, humorous and warm-hearted story about growing old disgracefully - and breaking all the rules along the way! 79-year-old Martha… 583 руб

  • 9Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen , Marilyn Chin (2009)
    The Double Happiness Twins are Moonie and Mei Ling. The Double Happiness is the Chinese restaurant in California where they help out their meat-cleaver-wielding grandmother - when they're not causing… 626 руб

  • 10The Universe Versus Alex Woods , Gavin Extence (2013)
    A tale of an unlikely friendship and an improbable journey, Alex's story might just strike you as one of the funniest, most heartbreaking novels you'll read this year. Alex Woods knows that he hasn't… 1010 руб